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As you call on the Name of the Lord:


  • Recognize your sin... confess you are a sinner and that you need Jesus as your Savior. 

  • Repent... turn away from your former way of life of sin and turn to Christ.  Ask for His forgiveness and He will provide the strength for you to change.

  • Receive... ask Him to be your Savior and to lead you daily.  Trust Him and thank Him, because God keeps His promises. It may not be an emotional thing, but it is a spiritual thing that He does.

  • Rejoice... knowing that Christ will lead you through the power of the Holy Spirit as you live your life for Him. Find a Biblical church home where you can serve and grow. 


We encourage you to view "The Story" video for a better understanding. 


We look to minister to this community, this nation, and this world.  Let us minister to you.  Contact us and we can provide further information that will help you in your spiritual journey and your daily walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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